Monday, September 22, 2014

Accessing SkyDrive From Windows 7 Explorer

Windows Live SkyDrive is Microsoft’s service that allows the users store any file on a virtual online folder that can be as large as 25 GB, available free of charge, and then access these files from anywhere from any web browser, Mac or Windows computer. While the implementation of Microsoft works fine, there is no clear way to get access to those files from Windows 7 Explorer, but it is not impossible. The Windows tech support tips that are shared below will help you to know more on the steps to use or access SkyDrive from Windows 7 explorer.

This method works by mounting the user’s SkyDrive as a network drive from within the Windows 7 Explorer by obtaining a specific URL. Of course, the users could get a SkyDrive alternative that integrates right into the Windows Explorer, as well as Linux and Mac OSX, like Dropbox. However, Microsoft’s services has the advantage of integrating right into the Windows Live Account. To do these steps, you will need the following.
  • A computer that is running on Windows 7 OS. It may work on the previous versions of Windows OS, even though we have not tested it. 
  • A working Internet connection. 
  • Windows Live ID. 
  • If you do not have Windows Live Essentials installed in your computer, you will need the Windows Live Online ID Provider. 
  • SkyDrive Simple Viewer for WebDav. 
Once you got what it takes, you will just have to do the following steps.


  • Before starting, get your unique SkyDrive ID. In order to do this, open SkyDrive Simple Viewer for WebDav, and then type in your Windows Live credentials. 
  • You will now see a list of the folders that are stored on your SkyDrive. Choose the one that you want to mount on your hard drive and then copy the URL that is shown on the right side. 
  • Click on Start button, right click on Computer and then choose Map Network Drive option. Paste the URL that you copied before and then adjust the settings to your wish. Click on the Next button and the SkyDrive folder that you have picked will now show up as hard drive inside Windows 7 Explorer. This can be managed like any other drive or directory. 
These are the simple steps to access SkyDrive from the Windows 7 Explorer. For further assistance, you can contact our Windows tech support team.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Epicor Now Available For Windows OS 8

Epicor Retail Store Edition is now available for Windows OS 8 according to the latest announcements from Epicor Software Corporation. This solution will give retail shop owners and users the highly intuitive Point of Sale solution on the Windows OS 8. As can be expected, this solution uses the Windows OS 8 to empower store associates to deliver an efficient, personalized and thoroughly inspired customer experience.

As a critical customer engagement solution using Windows OS 8, it provides access to rich value-added customer service and enhanced product information. Moreover, it offers a personalized and consultative shopping experience that includes recommendations in the form of suggested products from a theoretically endless aisle.

The prime benefit of running the Epicor Retail Store Edition is improved flexibility that enhances both associate engagement and productivity at the same time. This is bound to boost the number of units sold and the metrics involving the “dollar per transaction”. Moreover, overall operational effectiveness can also be expected to grow from running this solution.

In order to boost the sales using this solution and to cater service to a wide population, Epicor Retail Store Edition for Windows OS 8 can be run on all devices that run on this operating system. Apart from standard desktop computers, it is even compatible with tablets and Windows OS 8 mobile devices. The software provides a sleek and compact design and does not look like a third party application!

This gives retailers the opportunity to sell products outside of the store, in a safe digital environment. Retailers benefit from the solution’s "store in a box" flexibility for off-site events with no additional implementation costs, maximizing their profits.

Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president, Microsoft Corporation, remarked, “Epicor and Microsoft have a strong history of working together. With the Epicor Retail Store Edition for Windows 8 offering, retailers can take advantage of the Windows 8 platform to deliver efficient, compelling and rewarding experiences to both customers and associates.”

Noel Goggin, EVP and general manager, Epicor Retail, said, “With solutions deployed in 100,000 stores and on over 300,000 devices worldwide, Epicor is very much in tune with today's next-generation customer engagement needs and requirements in the retail sector,” during the launch of the solution. He further added, “Retailers recognize that point of sale is a very strategic platform that can aid omni-channel retailing and customer engagement/customer experience initiatives. Our Retail Store Edition for Windows 8 gives retailers the ability to go beyond transactions to promote a more engaging experience which translates into greater customer satisfaction and higher spending at check-out.”