Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tips To Get Back Your Outlook Calendar

Software to keep a tab on all the appointments was actually a dream for many during the early years of the digital age. This made Microsoft, one of the giants in the software sector, to design the Outlook email client program with a calendar that will offer the user an option to schedule appointments, meetings and important events.
Apart from recording the activities, this program will also act as an alarm to remind you about various upcoming events. However, at times this program will break down due to various reasons which will result in improper working of this program on your system. This program often ends up in the wrong end when the files associated with the calendar are deleted unintentionally. In fact it’s effortless to recover these deleted files irrelevant of whether it is associated with emails, tasks, your calendar, diary, or contacts. In order to resolve this issue associated with your Microsoft outlook program, just go through these guidelines developed by the Microsoft outlook repair and diagnosing panel.
Follow these leads
1. Switch on your Windows machine and hang around until it loads up your files and folder.
2. While on the desktop of the operating system, check if the Microsoft Outlook program is currently running on your computer. Sometimes it can run automatically at startup.
3. Scroll down to the “Start” tab placed on the taskbar placed down below your desktop interface and scroll to the "Run" tab to launch the run program.
4. Enter the command "outlook /clean reminders" into the run entry box and tag along the "OK" tab to take the course of action further ahead.
5. Return back to the "Run" entry box yet again.
6. Inside the run entry box, enter the command "outlook /reset folders" into the run entry box and tag along the "OK" tab to switch to the next window.
7. Bring on the Microsoft Outlook application once more and check if the calendar application is running correctly on your computer. Most probably it should work perfectly. If not just revert back to these instructions and try again.
Our Outlook repair and diagnosing center is well equipped with qualified and proficient professionals that can resolve any issue that is associated with your application. So just pick up your telephone and ring them up to avail assistance.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Reinstalling Internet Explorer in Windows

The Internet Explorer was maintained as the standard browser by Microsoft in all the Windows operating systems released till now. Even though the Microsoft Internet Explorer is considered as a stable browser, there are occasions at which some problems occur with the browser that encumber the seamless functioning. In some cases Windows Explorer faces troublesome issues that make the functioning of the browser a nightmare to the user. In most of these cases reinstalling the Internet Explorer remains as the only option for the user. Since the reinstallation procedure of IE is very easy, users don’t have to think twice. Microsoft Support websites have guidelines for installing Internet explorer. For your comfort, instructions for reinstalling Internet Explorer are given here.
1. Power ON your PC and wait for the Windows platform to boot. Login in using Administrator account.
2. After the Windows desktop is loaded, open any browser other than Internet Explorer which is showing erratic behavior.
3. Navigate to Microsoft Support website and download the Internet Explorer setup file. The file which is downloaded will have the .exe extension.
4. Save the downloaded file to any directory. Now close all the Internet Explorer windows and check whether any process related to Internet explorer is running in background by checking the Task manager.
5. You can’t remove Internet Explorer from Windows as it is not listed in the programs and features window. Since you have the new file, open it to start the installation wizard.
6. Give permissions for UAC if asked. The Installation Wizard asks for permission to overwrite the previously installed Internet Explorer.
7. Wait for the Installation process to complete. (It will take a few minutes depending upon the Computer configuration)
8. After the installation is complete, restart the computer and use the browser.
A. Using Registry cleaner to clean the registry of your system before the installation will do well. This will remove any old registry entries made by the previously installed version of Internet Explorer.
B. Using any third party installers to remove the old Internet explorer files is good. This will remove any old corrupted files of Internet explorer. If done by this means, the new installation will be fresh and will have a very low probability of having errors.
C. Don’t do System restore in any case to restore the files of Internet explorer. It’s a very foolish step.
Hope this article helps you.