Monday, December 30, 2013

Microsoft To Launch Windows 8.1 RTM For Hardware Partners

As they have promised before when they announced about the upcoming Windows 8.1 operating system, Microsoft released the Windows 8.1 RTM version for their hardware partners for test purposes. Windows 8 installation of the RTM version was a bit complex for the manufacturers as they had to make certain changes in the hardware for the operating system to function smoothly. Therefore, Microsoft promised its hardware collaborates that they will be able to test the new Windows 8.1 operating system before the public gets access to the operating system.

A company official was heard stating, “Unlike past RTM moments, this milestone represents progress in Microsoft’s new rapid release cycle and optimizes the overall customer experience, while highlighting the handoff to OEM partners and wide array of devices expected this fall.” The company also stated that it hopes that since the developer version is now released to the manufacturers, more Windows devices will roll on in the next holiday season. The company intends to recapture the lost tablet and smartphone industry with the launch of the Windows 8.1 operating system.

One of the company officials was spotted saying, "Over the next several months we’ll see beautiful, powerful devices, from the smallest tablets to the most lightweight notebooks to versatile 2-in-1s, as well as industry devices designed for business.” Well the release of the developer version of the operating system this fast is not surprising as Microsoft’s chief marketing officer Tami Reller had announced that the operating system will be released to the hardware partners in early August at their Worldwide Partner Conference. However, it will take a little longer for normal customers to lay their hands on the new Windows 8.1 RTM OS. It will be a good idea for you to adhere to Windows 8 installation steps for getting the new operating system.

If you happen to have a Windows 8 RTM device, then you can download the Windows 8.1 RTM for free from the Windows Store. Microsoft has scheduled October 17 as the release date for the new advanced Windows 8.1 operating system, so you will be able to get the OS from that day onwards. According to sources in Microsoft, the new operating system has fixed all the important bugs that were found in the Windows 8 operating system and will provide better performance than its predecessor in every way.

One of the important features of the new operating system is the re-entry of the Windows Start button that was removed from the Windows 8 operating system previously. 

Creating A Signature In Outlook 2010

Are you looking for the steps to add a digital signature to all your email messages or business cards that you send from your Outlook email client? If yes, this article will surely help you. Microsoft Outlook 2010 gives users the ability to add digital signatures to all the email messages that they send. It saves the users from the typing hassles and a great deal of time. The users will not have to manually type in their identity every time they send a mail or attachment. The Outlook email setup to create a default signature in the Outlook 2010 program is explained below.


  • Open the Microsoft Outlook program and click on the File tab. From the File tab, select Options. From the Options window, select  the Mail tab on the left side, click on Create or modify signatures for messages and then click on the Signatures button. Highlight the E-mail Signature tab in the Signatures and Stationary window and select New. Provide a name to the signature in the New Signature box and then press the OK button. You will now see that the name appears under the box Select signature to edit.
  • Now you can edit the signature under Edit signature field. Users have the option to choose from a variety of font styles, make business cards or add images. When done, you can click on the OK button. Click on OK twice to close all the windows and save the changes.
  • If you have more than one email account and want to make signatures for all of them, navigate to the Signatures and Stationary window with the above mentioned procedure and you may then select the email account from the drop-down menu on the right hand side under the name Choose default signature. When you are done, you can exit the Options window.
  • You will now be able to see a default Signature option in the compose window, every time you compose an email message. You may click on the drop-down menu near to Signature tab to add a desired signature to the email messages that you create.

These are the Outlook email setup steps to include a default signature to all the email messages that you create. If you have any more doubts, you can contact our technical support team for further help. They will clear your doubts and will help you to complete the steps successfully.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Not Able To Expand The Folder In Outlook

It is useful to add your email account to Microsoft Outlook, the one and only email application included in Microsoft Office Suite. This email application helps one to send and receive email messages, consolidate all email messages, prepare calendars, schedule tasks, set reminders, recall messages, prepare distribution lists, prepare invitations and other  tasks.
Microsoft Outlook is normally included in the Office Suite of Microsoft and it is also available as a standalone version if you wish to install Outlook alone. It is worth trying, as you would prefer it over the other email applications that are currently available online. This does not mean that Outlook is free from any errors or bugs.  Just as problems are identified in software applications, Outlook also encounters some error messages or problems.
One of the features in Outlook is its ability to share folders so that you could view the shared calendars, email messages, notes, tasks and others and this is accessible only if you are using an organization shared mail service. If you wish to share all the above information, it is essential to give permission for accessing the same. If you have an Outlook tree added to the mailbox of Outlook user and if you receive ‘Microsoft Outlook is Unable to Expand the Folder message - Invalid XML’ message or some other error message while trying to open the mailbox that is shared, you need to follow the below mentioned instructions in order to get them fixed.
People contact Outlook Help and Support when they encounter the Invalid XML error message. Let us check the instructions given below.


  • You need to click on the Start button on your desktop and click on All Programs and select Microsoft Office and choose Microsoft Outlook.
  • When Outlook opens, you need to right click on Mailbox and then select the Properties menu.
  • In the Permissions tab, choose Folder Visible and click OK.
  • Now select Options that you find below Tools menu.
  • Now on the Delegates tab, select Add and select the individuals who could access the folder that is shared.
  • In the Delegates Permissions dialog box, select the permissions that you want to apply to the people who access the folder and click OK button.
  • Now double click on the mailbox or any other folder in the mailbox of the delegate to open.

These are the different steps that you need to follow for setting permissions for opening and accessing a folder in a network.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Resetting The Windows Vista Password

The Windows Vista operating system has many security features and these features help to prevent unauthorized access to your computer. There is an option to set a log in password for the Windows Vista operating system. Without typing in the log in password, no one will be able to use your computer. There are chances that you may forget the log in password of Windows Vista and you may need to reset the same.
Microsoft gives its users two simple methods to reset the log in password of Windows Vista operating system. They are changing the password through an administrator account and changing the password through the Vista password reset disk. The Windows tech support tips shared below will help you know the steps to reset the Vista OS password.

Through An Administrator Account

  • Log into an alternate administrator account in your computer and then click on the Start button, which is located on the bottom left corner of the screen. From the Start menu, choose Control Panel and then select User Accounts.
  • Select the Manage another account option. You will be able to see the account for which you need to reset the password. Click on this account.
  • Select the Change password option. Type in the new password two times and make sure that you add the password hint that will help you to remember your password in the future. After doing these steps, click on the Change password button. You have now reset the log in password from the administrator account.

Through A Password Reset Disc

  • Type in any password in the Windows log on screen and click on the OK button to see the Reset password option. Click on this option.
  • Insert the Windows reset disk to your computer and the Password Reset Wizard will open. Click on the Next button and select the drive that contains the reset information.
  • Type in your new password two times and add a password hint that may help you to remember the password in the future. Click on the Next button followed by the Finish button. Performing these steps will make sure that you have reset the log in password of the Windows Vista operating system.

These are the general methods to reset the log in password of Windows Vista operating system. If you have more doubts, you may contact our Windows tech support team for further clarifications.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Repairing PST Files In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the personal manager program from the Redmond based software giant Microsoft. Outlook program is used by people all over the world for managing their email accounts effectively. The Outlook program stores personal data and emails in the program as PST files. PST stands for Personal Storage Table. The .pst format requires only little space for storing huge chunks of data so Outlook uses .pst extension to store its data. The PST files contain all the data stored in the Outlook like the calendar details, all you email contacts, inbox and outbox messages, personal folders etc.
However, one of the major problems associated with the Outlook program is the corruption of the Outlook PST files. Below we discuss how you can fix the corrupted PST files in Outlook with the help of the Outlook repair tool.


  • If you are currently running the Outlook client, close it and then visit the Microsoft site for Outlook for downloading the Inbox repair tool from Outlook. 
  • When the download completes, open the location where the downloaded file is stored and then click on the file to run it. 
  • When the Inbox repair tool window appears, click on the Browse button found in the application window for selecting the corrupted PST files in the Outlook program. After selecting the files, click on the Start button in the application window for starting the Outlook repair process. 
  • Even though the Inbox Repair tool was created for recovering corrupted Outlook files, the program will not be able to recover certain files that are deleted permanently or corrupted highly beyond repair. 
  • When the Outlook Inbox Repair Tool finishes the repairing of the corrupted Outlook files, launch the Outlook program by clicking on its icon found in the desktop for recovering the repaired Outlook PST files. 
  • You may also try recovering the repaired data from the backup folder without using the inbox repair tool. 

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to repair all the corrupted Outlook PST files in the Outlook program. The Inbox repair tool is now available as a default add-on in the Outlook program. It is stored in the Outlook program by the name Scanpst.exe and can be found in the Outlook folder. If you have any doubts related to the fixing of corrupt PST files, visit our Microsoft support post section.  

Making Windows Mail Work With Wireless Internet

Windows Mail is an email and newsgroup program and is provided with the Windows Vista operating system. This program takes the place of the old Microsoft Outlook. Both Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail are similar in their account and connection setup process. The Windows support number tips shared below will help you to use the Windows mail program while working with a wireless connection.


  • Turn on your PC and open the Windows Mail program. You can do this by either clicking on the desktop icon of the program or by clicking on the Windows icon button that is located on the bottom left hand corner of the desktop screen and then selecting Windows Mail. If you do not have a setup account in the Windows Mail program, you have the option to create one by clicking on the Tools menu and then selecting Accounts. 
  • Click on the Tools tab, which is located on the top menu bar of the Windows Mail program. Scroll down to find the Accounts option. Select the account that you would like to work with and then select Properties.
  • Select the Advanced tab and you will be taken to a screen that needs you to input the server port numbers for the incoming and outgoing mail. If you have this data, enter it in the corresponding blank spaces. You need not worry if you do not have these numbers. You can get them by contacting the wireless network department of the Internet Service Provider. Make sure to uncheck the box next to This server requires a secure connection, after inputting the details. Click on the Apply button to save the changes.
  • As the last step, click on the Connections tab and ensure that no other connection options like Dial-Up and Local Area Connection are selected. The Windows Mail program may not work properly if an incorrect connection is selected when you are connected to the Internet wirelessly. After doing these steps, click on Apply and then on OK to close the window. To check if you have successfully configured the Windows Mail program, you can send an email to your own account. If everything is configured correctly, you will receive the mail.

These are the steps to configure Windows Mail to work with a Wireless Internet connection. If you have further doubts, you can contact our Windows support number for further help.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Instructions To Remove And Reinstall The Bing Toolbar

You may have come across the Bing toolbar while using web browsers. The Bing Toolbar allows users to search for keywords from the toolbar itself without the need to search from any search engines. This toolbar gives the users immediate access to the current weather, latest news and email notifications. The Bing toolbar is also integrated with Facebook and lets the users access their Facebook account’s newsfeed. Another advantage of this toolbar is that it provides access to the Bing search engine of Microsoft without the need to visit the website. The Bing bar can encounter some errors at times.
 If you encounter an error while using the Bing toolbar, you always have the option to remove Bing toolbar and then reinstall it. Usually removing and reinstalling the Bing toolbar will help you to get rid of most of the errors in the toolbar. The Bing Bar is compatible with Windows XP OS and newer versions. This toolbar also needs Internet Explorer 7 or higher versions to install. This article discusses the steps to remove and reinstall the Bing Toolbar in your computer.


  • Turn on your computer and click on the Start button, which is placed on the extreme left hand side of the desktop screen. Select the search bar that is above the Start icon.
  • Type in the command appwiz.cpl in the search box and press the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • This will take you to the Add or Remove Programs list. Locate Bing toolbar from the list and then click on the Uninstall button. Select the Next button and then click on the Uninstall button to remove Bing Toolbar completely from the Internet Explorer web browser.
  • After doing the above steps, close the Add or Remove programs window and then download a fresh copy of the Bing toolbar from the official website of Bing.
  • Wait until the download finishes and then click on the Run option in the file download dialog box. Click on the Next button and then on the Install button. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the re-install process successfully.

These are the steps to remove and reinstall Bing toolbar in the Internet Explorer web browser. If you have any doubts or if you find any difficulty in following the steps discussed above, you can seek advice from a technical expert.

Monday, December 9, 2013

PR Problems In Microsoft’s Xbox One

Xbox One is the latest gaming console released by Microsoft. The device is out of the world with great features and specs including the new advanced Kinect input controller that allows the users to play using their own natural body movements.  Microsoft did make some strict policies for playing with the console like online check-ins every twenty-four hours, DRM policies and requirement for plugging in the Kinect controller always. Even while making these strict policies, Microsoft did keep in mind the concerns of their customers, says the creative director of Microsoft studios Ken Lobb. Even with the addition of the exciting new features, Xbox One does have one of the main Microsoft problems, poor PR.

Ken has commented on the issue saying, “Of course the company’s messaging problems hurt in the short term, We’re not blind, right? Did they hurt in the long run? We’re going to have to find out after we launch.” Since humankind is bound to short term memory loss, it is pretty difficult to convince that the Microsoft problems associated with the Xbox One gaming console would wreck the sales.

However, from the words of Ken, we were able to know that even though Microsoft acknowledged most of the problems related to Xbox One, it will take some time for fixing most of the major issues one could associate with Xbox. Most of the times, when users post in the support pages about their bugs and errors, they get half answers and so most of them are not satisfied with the service Microsoft is providing. Ken Lobb from Microsoft commented on this saying, “When someone comes in and asks a question about something we’ve decided we’re intentionally not going to talk about until a certain date, sometimes you get half answers. There’s no such thing as perfect PR.”

Until now, users have got only perfect devices from the house of Microsoft and we could only hope that Microsoft will not shatter that illusion so soon by unveiling a not so cool product. That too in a time when the competition with the Sony PlayStation is going to be in an all time high with the release of Sony PlayStation 4. However, the users will be able to know more about the features and issues related with Xbox One by visiting the Xbox section of the official Microsoft page. 

Features Of The New Windows 8.1 Upgrade

Microsoft released their latest flagship operating system, Windows 8, with a new modern user interface known by the name metro in last October, hoping that the PC world will go head over heels for the new operating system. However, the retro operating system was not able to get the much-hyped sales in the market owing to the main attraction of the operating system, the Metro user interface. Many users who have used old operating systems of Microsoft did not even bother to know how to upgrade to Windows 8 due to the flaws in the OS.

One of the main reasons behind the sluggish sales of the new operating system was the fact that it was an operating system optimized for using in touch-based devices. Many users without a touch display found it irritating and difficult to work with a mouse on the operating system. The uprising against the operating system was also caused due to the absence of the Start button in the left corner of the desktop, which Windows users were accustomed with from years.

However, with the advent of the Windows 8.1 operating system, Microsoft has fixed almost all of the issues people find in the Windows 8 operating system. However, Microsoft did not remove the Windows 8 experience totally from the Windows 8.1 operating system. The OS still has the Metro user interface, the only difference is that Microsoft re-introduced the initially removed Start button in the left side of the Start screen. Knowing how to upgrade to Windows 8 is good as the process is same for Windows 8.1 too. So if you know how to upgrade to Windows 8, you can easily upgrade to Windows 8.1 too.

One of the major features of the Windows 8.1 operating system is that Microsoft released this new version as a free upgrade for the existing Windows 8 customers. Microsoft has never made a new version of the operating system available free for customers, although they released some patches for existing operating systems for free. The new operating system also allows you to run multiple applications at the same time easily.

The operating system also allows users to view two applications at the same time rather than just running one in the background. For knowing more about the features of the new Windows 8.1 OS, visit the official Windows web page.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tips From Microsoft To Adapt Windows 8 Apps With Windows 8.1 Preview

We all know that the customer preview version of the Windows 8.1 was released recently. Microsoft has provided some tips to those users who have done the Windows 8 transfer to adapt to the Windows 8 apps. The public preview version of Windows 8.1 was released a few months ago, but this does not mean that Windows 8 app developers have to wait until the final RTM version of Windows 8.1 is released.

Working with Windows 8 apps can be a little tricky and Microsoft is aiming to get over this difficulty with the Windows 8.1 release. Among the tips released by Microsoft, they have provided some hints on how to provide the Windows 8 app developers a way to take advantage of the latest features in the Windows 8.1 version.

The post in the Windows App Builder blog is much technical and it says that as far as the templates are concerned, Windows 8.1 does away with the Layout Aware Page class for navigation Process Lifetime Management. This helps in splitting up the default view model, maintained state features, and handled navigation that Microsoft claims to give the developers, which is a more customizable model. The SuspensionManager is around for the Process Lifetime Management, but the latest Windows 8.1 also adds the new NavigationHelper class.

The blog also provides information on some changes in the data templates and styles for the new Windows 8.1 apps. There are two new item templates in the preview version of Windows 8.1. They are the Hub Page and the Settings Flyout. These are provided in addition to all of the other item templates that are currently available for the Windows 8 apps. The blog also states on the specific Windows 8.1 changes for app developers so that they can remove the old components from Windows 8 apps.

If the Windows 8 transfer users and app developers would like to know more on the ways to adapt Windows 8 apps for the Windows 8.1 version, they can visit the Windows App Builder blog. This blog also provides the readers a clear idea on the ways to use and take advantage of the Windows store and the latest features.

You can also contact our support team if you would like to know more on using Windows 8 apps in the Windows 8.1 version.