Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turning OFF Windows Defender in Windows 7

According to User reviews, Windows 7 is the best Operating system or platform that has ever been released and it even puts Windows 8 in the second spot. Windows 7 is a brilliant platform, and I can’t stop praising the Redmond professional for creating such an exquisite piece of art. Windows 7 introduce some software, tools and utilities which benefited Windows users a lot.
Windows Defender, formerly known as Giant Anti spyware, Windows Firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus are available for the Windows 7 platform. These software help protect the platform. Windows Firewall and Windows Defender are the inbuilt software in Windows 7, where as Microsoft Security Essentials is optional software, which you can download, using Windows update or from any Windows Tech Support website.

Windows Defender
Former product of the giant software company, Giant Anti Spyware, was replaced in the market with the name Windows Defender and some tweaks in the program. Windows Defender has developed a lot compared to the previous versions and provides very good security for the Windows platforms. Windows Defender, according to Microsoft, is a security program that protects the Windows platform from Malwares, Spywares and adware. When Windows Defender removes the threats lying inside the PC, Windows Firewall protects the PC from the external attacks. Even if any malware slips in to the system bypassing the Windows Firewall, Windows Defender detects it and removes it. The Malware DATABASE OF Windows Defender is very good. But you need to update the database frequently to protect your system from threats.
Windows Defender automatically scans your system for potential problems and automatically downloads updates for the software and database to ensure that you are protected from latest threats. But Windows 7 provides you with the option for third party software like Norton, Bitdefender etc. to do the security job. When you do that the Windows defender and Windows Firewall can be disabled to avoid contradictions. The process of disabling Windows Defender is very easy. The following instructions will help you to turn Windows defender off in windows 7.

Open Control Panel from Start Menu.
Now click on the Windows Defender icon in the Control Panel window to open the Windows Defender options.
There will be options given there, in which one link “Click Here to Turn Windows Defender Off” should be clicked. When you click on it the Windows Defender will turn off.
Check Windows Tech Support sites for more updates on Windows Defender.

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