Monday, May 26, 2014

Removing Bing Search Override From Web Browser

DivX Browser bar can be useful if you are DivX browser fan but it may not be necessary for all and thus takes unnecessary display space. Many a times (mostly) it is installed unwittingly, while installing some other software from third party websites. Even with Bing toolbar, it is the same issue. You then start searching for help on how to remove Bing toolbar.

In the latest update, there is an option to install the DivX Browser by Conduit and it is powered by Bing search. If you accept the offer/option or if the boxes to accept are checked by default, then you would have to uncheck them in order to opt out. Then this will automatically change the default search to Bing.

Now, you can disable DivX Plus Web Player HTML 5 extension only through the Firefox Add-ons menu. Therefore, in order to remove it, you need to uninstall the DivX Plus Software, and this includes the DivX Plus Web Player. But the thing is, this extension is completely unrelated to the DivX Browser Bar or the Bing Search override by Conduit. So, unnecessarily even the DivX Plus Web Player, which you might be using for viewing and listening to Multimedia, will get uninstalled. So, uninstalling DivX Plus Software might not be actually desirable.

Now, in case you do not want the search override and you want to leave the DivX Browser Bar installed on IE, then you can uninstall the program called Search Protect from your computer. Here are the instructions that will guide you to do this.
  • At first, you need to go to your computer’s Control Panel. 
  • Then, go to Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs) if you are on Windows XP. Then you need to find Search Protect in the list of programs and remove it. 
  • Finally, you need to reboot (or restart) your computer for the changes to take effect. 
Now, if you want to uninstall both the search override and the DivX Browser Bar, then you can follow the steps mentioned above to remove Search Protect. Then you can follow the same steps to remove or uninstall DivX Browser Bar from your browsers. Again the steps are same for how to remove Bing toolbar. Not all browsers function the same way. So, since each web browser is a little different, the toolbar has to be installed from each one individually. Or help with that, call our tech support and they’ll walk you through the procedure.

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