Monday, November 5, 2012

Windows Firewall and Windows Defender

I have seen a lot of people checking Windows Help to get tips on changing Windows Security settings. The thing is that, Windows helping feature says a lot about changing the settings. But most of the terms described in those wizards are very difficult for the users to understand. Normal users have difficulty in understanding what IMAP and POP means. They don’t define them there, as they have to write an encyclopedia equivalent book for that.

Understanding Security in Windows
Twenty years ago, Internet security was a matter only for the NSA and US defense databanks. For else, even Internet was a far thought as the connection then were poor dial up connections and cost was very high also. Forget about its availability at that time; just imagine the publicity Internet had. It was just for playboys and professionals at that time (show off means for playboys). But now things have turned over. Most of the guys now have an Iphone and an Internet connection, most probably LTE connection. The Internet connections and devices are so advanced that you can hack a mainframe from a PDA (in case of professionals). So security is very important now a day. You should at least install a normal firewall to protect you from Internet security threats. Else, some worm or virus will cause a system crash at the least; data theft is the worst.

Windows Firewall and Defender
Any normal user can get the meaning of the two programs described above; Security Programs. Microsoft understood the new threat faced by the users of their Windows series platform. So they introduced these features in Windows XP. A basic premature version of Firewall was introduced in Windows XP, but the advanced version got released in Windows XP Service Pack 1. The Windows Firewall in Windows 8 is very advanced and well equipped compared to the ones in predecessors.
Microsoft Windows Defender is an anti spyware program for Windows platforms. When malwares and spywares started populating the Internet traffic and the Users; Microsoft had no other option than to introduce an Anti-spyware program. Microsoft purchased Giant Corporation’s anti spyware software and upgraded to today’s Windows Defender. Windows Defender is upgraded to Anti-virus software in Windows 8.
There are a lot of Windows Help posts here which provide  guidance on security issues in Windows Platforms. Check these out in case of security concerns and troubles.

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