Monday, September 9, 2013

Migrate Microsoft Outlook Settings To A New PC

Are you planning to change your old computer? You might be having many important files on your old computer that need to be transferred to your new one. Transferring the files, programs, settings and archives to a different computer could prove to be an arduous task if you don’t follow certain required steps. This is especially true if you are trying to transfer the email settings and old messages.

Many people around the world use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails. Microsoft Outlook has many settings and features that help users to manage their emails efficiently. Microsoft also makes it easy to transfer your email messages and Outlook settings to a different computer with its built-in Import-Export function. Read on to know how to use this Outlook feature.

  •      Launch Outlook on your old computer. Wait for it to download all your incoming emails. Then turn off the check mail or close your Internet connection. The Check mail setup option is in the Tools, Options, Mail Setup. Now open Outlook Express and disable checking for mail in this program also.
  •       Now launch Outlook on your new computer. Wait for the email to be checked and then disable checking email as you did in the last step.
  •       Migrate each account from your Outlook on the old computer to Outlook Express on the old computer. All your email accounts will then be in Outlook Express on the old computer. Migrate the personal folder files, rules and safe/blocked sender list for each account. After you have migrated the account out of Outlook, import them into Outlook Express. This is still on the old computer. You can migrate only one account at a time.
  •       Go to Tools, then Options, and select Mail in Outlook Express. Select the email account that you want to shift to the new computer. You will have to repeat this process for each email account because there is a limitation of one account at a time in Outlook Express.
  •       Click the Export button and save the files to a folder. There will need to be a separate folder for each email account. Copy each of these folders to the new computer.
  •       Follow the procedure in the reverse order to import these accounts into the new computer. Open Outlook Express and import each of the accounts in turn until they have all been brought into Outlook Express. Next, open Outlook and select File, Import, Import Internet Mail Account Settings. Select Outlook Express as the client to import. Click Next and then select the account to Import. Check all the account information during the import process and supply the email password when prompted.
  •       Repeat this process for each account. When you completed importing the Outlook accounts, close all programs and resume your Internet connection. Test each account to ensure that they are working. You can now delete them from the old computer.
Now that you have successfully imported your Outlook accounts and Outlook settings to your new computer, you can now go ahead and start using the service as if it were in your old computer.

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