Friday, May 9, 2014

Microsoft Adds Office 365 Email Enhancements

Microsoft is planning to improve their Outlook Web App email experiences by adding two new features to their commercial Office 365 service offerings. There are many new features that are expected to arrive later this year. They include one that will help decrease email clutter together with a collaboration enhancement for the Outlook Web App, which is the browser enabled email client of Microsoft. In addition to this, Microsoft has indicated that it will release an Outlook Web App for the Android-based smart phones by the end of this year.

Groups Integration

Microsoft also has plans to integrate its Groups capability that was introduced as a SharePoint feature before a few months, broadly across its Office 365 services. Groups show public and private groups for the employees to join, together with the individual conversations in Yammer like social networking style. Their idea is to support a collaborative and user-friendly business environment. This was confirmed after contacting the Microsoft help team.

Steve Chew, who is the senior product-marketing manager in the Exchange group, wrote, “Conversations that happen in public groups can lead to better information sharing, and free exchange of ideas connects people and makes the org more productive.” This is an idea that may or may not be welcomed by the users in today’s work environments, but it reflects Microsoft’s acceptance of Yammer enterprise social networking solution that was purchased more than a year ago. At the time of purchase, they had indicated that they planned a broader integration of Yammer across Office 365, and they are now forecasting that the integration will start to take place this year.

Outlook Web App Features

An upcoming “Clutter” Outlook Web App feature aims to unburden the Outlook users from their less relevant email messages. This makes use of the new Office Graph technology to learn what the users value and what they do not value in their email inboxes. The important and valued mails get displayed in the Outlook Web App, while the rest of the email messages get archived at the bottom of the window in a link that is named Clutter. The user can right click here to change the status of a message if it was incorrectly marked as clutter. The name Clutter is considered to be a code name. Microsoft may call it some other name when it is released.

If you wish to know more on the Outlook Web App email, you can contact our Microsoft help team.

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