Monday, February 4, 2013

Tutorial To Clean A Drive And Reinstall Windows XP OS

Follow the instructions given below, recommended by the Windows online support team in order to clean a drive and then reinstall Windows XP on it.
Instructions to reinstall Windows XP
First of all, locate your Windows product key. If you are using a retail version of the Windows XP operating system, you will be able to find the product key on the labeled sticker in the folder that contained the CD. If you did not purchase the Windows CD from a retailer, you will be able to find the sticker containing the product key attached to the side or back of the computer case, or it should be present in the packaging that came along with this version of Windows XP operating system.
If the computer you purchased had Windows XP operating system pre-installed in it and it did not have an installation CD, you may be able to find the files that are needed to restore Windows to its original condition in a hidden partition of its hard drive. If you do not posses any documentation, it is better to contact the customer support. You should contact the customer support if you only have a manufacturer-specific "recovery" CD with you.
Find out the size of the hard drive or partition containing the Windows operating system. Go to the “My Computer” folder and then find out the drive that stores the Windows operating system. In most of the cases, it will be the "C:" drive, and will contain a "Windows" folder. Right-click on this drive and select the "Properties" option. Write down the "Capacity" value on a piece of paper, because you will need it at a later time.
Insert your Windows XP installation CD into your CD drive and restart your computer. You will be asked to press any key to access the installer during the restarting process, and then you will be able to see a screen containing white text on a blue background.
In order to start the installation process, press the “Enter” key. To go to the partitioner, press the “F8” key. All known drives will be displayed on the screen. With the help of the arrow keys, select the partition whose number matches the one you wrote down earlier, and then press the "D" key to remove it. This partition will now be listed as "Unpartitioned Space”.
Press the “Enter” key and then select the “Quick” button to format with an NTFS file system.
These are the instructions which you should follow in order to reinstall Windows XP.

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