Thursday, March 21, 2013

Resolving The Unknown Device Errors In Vista OS

The year 2007 witnessed a miracle from the Microsoft Corporation, namely Windows Vista. The instant succeeds, however, descended with the various issues. Among these, the compatibility issues stand tall. The Windows tech support and help experts have devised various troubleshooting steps to resolve the situation. Let’s check these out, shall we?

Instructions to resolve the issues

To start off, you need to reinstall the driver for the “Unknown Device”. Navigate to the menu labeled “Start”.
A new list of options is displayed immediately. From this new list, you need to select the option labeled “Search”.
When the Search menu is displayed, you need to enter the command “Device Manager”. Now hit the button labeled “Enter”.
From the list of results, you need to locate the “Unknown Device” in your computer. To locate this, you need to navigate to the “Other Devices” section, and expand it. Now double click on the option “Unknown Device” to open it.
Select the button labeled “Reinstall Driver”. A list of instructions will be displayed on the screen. Follow these instructions accurately. To advance to the next step, the Windows tech support and help experts recommend you navigate to the website of the manufacturer of the device in question.
Find the appropriate driver for the device. Now navigate back to the “Device Manager” of your computer. For information about the devices, you can click on the “Details” tab. If you are not sure about the manufacture’s details, you can copy the “Hardware ID” to your browser.
You can locate the manufacturer’s website with the help of this ID. You need to search for a Windows-Vista-compatible driver. Simply download the driver into your computer and install it. You can follow the onscreen instructions for this.
Now you need to uninstall the device and reinstall it through the option labeled “Device Manager”. To proceed to the next step, you need to right click on the option labeled “Device”.
Now left click on it and select the option that reads as “Uninstall”. The computer should be restarted after this, and allowed to reinstall the device.
You must make sure that your hardware is compatible with the Windows Hardware Compatibility List. Otherwise, the device may not function even with the right drivers.
This article provides instructions on how to resolve the unknown device errors in windows vista.

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