Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Troubleshoot The Outlook Express Email Sending Problem

Sometimes when Outlook Express fails to establish a connection with the e-mail server, it will respond with an error messaging saying, “The Mail Was Sent, But There Was A Sending And Receiving Error.” The following tips mentioned below will help you to fix such an error within Outlook Express.


Check your internet connection settings. Right-click on the network icon located in the bottom right corner of the task bar. Select the option Connect to a network from the popup menu. Check whether the status says Connected or not. If the status does not show as Connected, click on the Connect to a network label, and then select the Connect option. Check with your ISP team if the connection problem persists.
Restart the Outlook Express program. At times, a simple restart can get your Outlook Express problems fixed quickly.
Check the Internet Account Settings. Select the Tools option from the menu, and then click the Internet Account Settings option. Double-check the incoming and outgoing server details and their respective port numbers. Any deviation from the standard value can result in a compromised internet experience.
Launch Microsoft Outlook in Express safe mode. Click on the Start menu and type in outlook.exe /safein into the Search type field. Make sure you enter the search key word in lowercase. Press the Enter key to start the search.
Select all the messages that were sent to you by unknown users. Check the boxes next to these emails. Once done selecting, right click the selection and hit the Delete option from the drop down. Delete all the suspicious email messages or data files from your inbox.
Hit Outlook Express Update to get your Outlook Office tool updated with the latest software codes and Outlook fixes. Select the Help option and then choose Update.
Disable the Windows firewall option during the update. Windows firewall can prevent Outlook from downloading update files and codes.
Launch the Start menu and enter Windows Firewall as the search keyword. Press enter to launch the Windows Firewall window. Click the link with the Turn Windows Firewall on or off label. Click Apply after choosing the Off option.
The above-mentioned instructions should help you to fix the Outlook Express problems easily. If this doesn’t fix your issue, you may get in touch with our tech support team, and get your problem fixed.

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