Thursday, October 30, 2014

How To Use Internet Safely? Some Useful Tips

Internet is the most useful thing in the world when it is used properly. And at the same time, it can turn out to be quite a dangerous thing if you don’t know how to use it with care. Reports indicate that thousands of ignorant children turn out to be victims of cyber crimes every day. This calls for a serious thinking. Both parents and children need to be informed about the hidden dangers while using internet and be taught about taking adequate precautions to evade such dangers.

Beware of online scams

Online scams are created by hackers. Recent reports on Omni Tech support Fraud indicate that even some of the most trusted websites are targeted by hackers. Omni Tech support is the most popular PC support service in the world. Hackers who were threatened by the perfect PC and internet safety solutions offered by Omni Tech support planned out Omni Tech support scams and Omni Tech support fraud reports to spoil the trust people have on the service. But, effective intervention by the company diffused this plan.

Don’t share personal details with anyone

While using certain web services, you may be prompted to provide your personal details. Never divulge your personal information unless you are sure that it is a trustable web service. If you are a student or kid, ask your parents whether it is safe to provide the web service with your personal details. Information such as your home address, last name, telephone number, school name, ZIP code etc should not be shared unless there is an actual need.

Keep your passwords safe

Hackers access personal information about you such as your last name, zip code, bank account details etc through your email account. Therefore, make sure that your email account password is safe. Make sure that you log out of your email account if you happen to access it from a public PC.

Never share your photos or videos online

Today, social networking sites have become part of most of our lives. Many share their photos and videos online. You need to be extremely careful while sharing your photos or videos online because there are more chances that they can be misused.

Internet is becoming more accessible and handy day by day. And the risks associated with it are also on the rise. Do frequent researches about using internet safely. Parents should keep a constant eye on the online behaviour of their children.

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