Sunday, November 23, 2014

Time Is Up For The Windows XP Users

Many Windows XP users are still using the unsupported OS, waiting for Microsoft to release the next generation Windows operating system, Windows 10. But, time is running out for these XP users. Recent reports indicate that the hacking attacks and virus infections on XP systems have slowly increased in the last few months since Microsoft officially ended their tech support services for this thirteen-year-old OS.

What are the options available for the XP users?

According to these reports, the number of such malware and virus attacks is set to increase in the few months. So, the XP users need to figure out a solution to deal with these problems, if they want to continue using the same OS. One of the options here is to sign up for a quality third party tech support service like OmniTech Support.

OS security updates are essential when using an outdated OS like Windows XP. Sophisticated hackers would have already figured out many of the security vulnerabilities of the XP OS by now and you need to keep the OS updated to deal with these issues. Since Microsoft has stopped providing this service, you need to look for third party tech support service providers.

Enterprise users can make use of Microsoft’s paid tech support service, which the average XP users might not be able to afford. But, third party service providers like OmniTech Support offer very affordable annual and half-yearly packages for all users. You can also make use of their tech support services on an ad hoc basis, before you decide to sign up for the subscription.

Such tech support services will offer the latest malware protection tools, antivirus programs and other such applications to beef up the security features in your system. And, you may call their tech support personnel to help you fix any OS issues or tech problems. All these services are included in the package.

But, you need to look at this as a stopgap measure. It is not at all safe to keep using an OS that is more than 12 years old. The obsolete XP OS has now become a soft target for hackers and malware coders. It is not smart to stick to using such an OS, no matter the reason.

It is time the XP users upgraded to one of the new generation operating systems. The recently released Windows 10 Preview version is worth checking out.

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