Sunday, November 30, 2014

Steps To Change Email Password In Outlook Express

If you are using the operating systems like Windows 98 or Windows XP, you might be still using the email program Outlook Express to send and receive emails. This simple email program enables you to manage your email accounts efficiently. Now, as you have configured Outlook Express with your internet email address, any change made to the internet email should be carried out on Outlook Express too.

In order to enhance the security of your email program, it is advisable to change your email password regularly. Now, when you change the email password on the webmail, you need to change it with Outlook Express too. Otherwise, you will receive error messages while trying to send or receive emails. Now, in this post, we will find out how to change the email password in Outlook Express.

Steps Involved
  • Press the Windows key and open the Start menu. 
  • Choose the option All Programs and then click Outlook Express. 
  • When Outlook Express comes up, select the option Tools from the menu bar. 
  • Choose the option Accounts. 
  • In the window for Internet Accounts, choose the e-mail account with which you had changed the password. 
  • Choose the button Properties. 
  • In the window for Properties, choose the tab Server. 
  • In the section for "Incoming Mail Server", delete the password present at the "Password" field and type the new password in its place. 
  • In the section for "Outgoing Mail Server", choose the option "My server requires authentication" if it is not selected. 
  • Choose the option "Settings" and in the window for Outgoing Mail Server, mark the option Use same settings as my incoming mail server. 
  • Choose the button OK. 
  • In the window for Properties, select the button OK. 
  • Close the window for Internet Accounts. 
Once you finish the above steps, select the button Send/Receive. If you are able to send and receive emails without troubles, it means that the password has been successfully saved in the program. If you receive error messages, it means that the password you entered may not be correct. Enter the password again to fix this issue.

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