Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Help To Turn Off The Password Protection In Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Launched after the failure of the Windows Vista, Windows 7 operating system was something of a matter of pride for Microsoft. Windows 7 proved to be a huge success for Microsoft and here are some details regarding the operating  system. According to my personal opinion, Windows 7 is far better than the previous operating systems.
One of the features of Windows 7 is that, it allows the users to protect their user accounts with a password. Users are always recommended to secure their devices by using this password. This password protection feature prevents the illegal and unofficial access to the computer. However, if you need to log in to your computer frequently, this password protection becomes a hassle because you have to input the password each time. Here are some instructions that will help you remove this password protection in the Windows 7 system.

Windows 7 Help instructions

Turn on your Windows 7 machine and login to the administrator account, since only through administrator account you can make modifications in the configuration settings of your Windows 7 machine.
• First of all, bring up the Windows Start menu by hitting the Start orb located at the bottom-left corner of the Windows 7 desktop interface.
• Now access the option labeled Control panel from the Start menu to launch the Control Panel home window.
• Now locate and click on the option labeled User Accounts and Family Safety in the Control Panel wizard.
• Now choose the User Accounts option from the left pane of the window followed by clicking the tab that reads Change Your Windows password.
• Select the User account for which you wish to turn off the password protection for from the left pane of the window followed by clicking the option labeled Remove your password.
• Now input your current account password in the provided field, and then click Remove Password button to disable the password protection feature.
That’s all the instructions that you should learn to disable the password protection feature in Windows 7.  You can enable this password protection feature later. To know the steps for that, visit our Windows 7 Help section.

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