Thursday, July 18, 2013

Transferring Outlook Email Settings From One Computer To Another

Microsoft Outlook has its own niche among the bunch of applications launched by Microsoft. Outlook, as you know, is one of the email applications that are included in the Microsoft Office Suite. The wide range of settings and enhanced features make Microsoft Outlook unique and distinguishable from other email applications.

If you have ever managed the settings in Microsoft Outlook, you can realize how supple it is. Being a user-friendly email service, Outlook has greatly helped its users to manage their email addresses, Outlook addressbook contacts, appointments, distribution list and other variety of features in an effective way. It is an email client that recovers your email messages and provides them using your desktop client. Once the setup process is complete, the email addresses get stored in a .pst file. If you are planning to move from one computer to another, you’ll be required to make a backup of the .pst file, which can be imported to Microsoft Outlook on the computer that you’re transferring to.


  • Select Start button on your computer and click on Control Panel.
  • Now select User Accounts and from the options that are listed, choose Mail. Now select Show Profiles and click Properties from the window that is opened.
  • Select Data Files and select Personal Folders from the new window that is displayed. You may have saved a different name for the Personal folder. It would be the default name that you have given for the file system. You can choose the personal folder when the Outlook account is configured.
  • Now select Open folder. A new screen will open up and it will have the backup folder of Outlook displayed.
  • Right click Outlook.pst file and select Copy.
  • You can copy the information from the .pst file and paste it on a USB drive so that it can be inserted to the second computer. From the AutoPlay options you can click Open Folder to View Files and right click the folder on which you need to paste and paste the information copied to the USB drive.
  • To the computer on which you need to transfer the file, insert the USB drive.
  • Open Microsoft Outlook and select File and choose Import and Export.
  • Select Import from another Program or file and select Next. Choose Personal Folder File and click Next.
  • Import all the information and click Finish.

Following this information you can get all your email addresses in the Outlook Addressbook, contacts and other lists that you have saved for different purposes. Contact our support team if you have any concern.

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