Sunday, November 3, 2013

Resetting Wireless Adapter In Windows 7

One uses Wireless adapters for connecting to the internet or personal network wirelessly. If you experience problems while trying to connect to the internet, then it may be because the wireless adapter is disabled. You will need to enable the wireless adapter for accessing the internet and the Windows 7 help instructions for enabling the wireless adapter are given below.

Sometimes the connection error may be due to some errors in the network adapter’s software or hardware. This can be easily fixed by resetting the adapter. You can fix the problems like slow and limited connectivity and connection failure issues by resetting the wireless network adapter in the Windows 7 computer. Follow the simple instructions given below for resetting a wireless network router in a computer running Windows 7 operating system.


  • Go to the left corner of the taskbar and click on the Start button to open the Start menu. 
  • Look for the option named Control Panel in the right side pane of the Start menu and click on it. 
  • Now locate the Control Panel search box and type in adapter into the box and then press the Enter button to begin the search process. Now select the View Network Connections option from the search results shown and then click on the Network and Sharing Center option. 
  • Now a new window will open, look for the icon of the wireless adapter that you use in that window. 
  • Now right click on the icon and then select the option named Disable from the drop down menu. If the system prompts, you need to enter the administrator password. 
  • Now the wireless adapter is disabled. Right click on the icon again and now you will be able to see an option named as Enable. If the system asks for the administrator password, provide it and confirm the action. 
  • Now open a web browser by double clicking on its icon and try to load a web page in the browser. 
If you are able to view the page details, then you have successfully reset the wireless adapter. If you follow the simple instructions given above, then you can easily reset a wireless network adapter in Windows 7 computer. If you are having any troubles while resetting the device, contact the Windows 7 help and support team for further support.

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