Monday, December 9, 2013

PR Problems In Microsoft’s Xbox One

Xbox One is the latest gaming console released by Microsoft. The device is out of the world with great features and specs including the new advanced Kinect input controller that allows the users to play using their own natural body movements.  Microsoft did make some strict policies for playing with the console like online check-ins every twenty-four hours, DRM policies and requirement for plugging in the Kinect controller always. Even while making these strict policies, Microsoft did keep in mind the concerns of their customers, says the creative director of Microsoft studios Ken Lobb. Even with the addition of the exciting new features, Xbox One does have one of the main Microsoft problems, poor PR.

Ken has commented on the issue saying, “Of course the company’s messaging problems hurt in the short term, We’re not blind, right? Did they hurt in the long run? We’re going to have to find out after we launch.” Since humankind is bound to short term memory loss, it is pretty difficult to convince that the Microsoft problems associated with the Xbox One gaming console would wreck the sales.

However, from the words of Ken, we were able to know that even though Microsoft acknowledged most of the problems related to Xbox One, it will take some time for fixing most of the major issues one could associate with Xbox. Most of the times, when users post in the support pages about their bugs and errors, they get half answers and so most of them are not satisfied with the service Microsoft is providing. Ken Lobb from Microsoft commented on this saying, “When someone comes in and asks a question about something we’ve decided we’re intentionally not going to talk about until a certain date, sometimes you get half answers. There’s no such thing as perfect PR.”

Until now, users have got only perfect devices from the house of Microsoft and we could only hope that Microsoft will not shatter that illusion so soon by unveiling a not so cool product. That too in a time when the competition with the Sony PlayStation is going to be in an all time high with the release of Sony PlayStation 4. However, the users will be able to know more about the features and issues related with Xbox One by visiting the Xbox section of the official Microsoft page. 

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