Sunday, December 29, 2013

Not Able To Expand The Folder In Outlook

It is useful to add your email account to Microsoft Outlook, the one and only email application included in Microsoft Office Suite. This email application helps one to send and receive email messages, consolidate all email messages, prepare calendars, schedule tasks, set reminders, recall messages, prepare distribution lists, prepare invitations and other  tasks.
Microsoft Outlook is normally included in the Office Suite of Microsoft and it is also available as a standalone version if you wish to install Outlook alone. It is worth trying, as you would prefer it over the other email applications that are currently available online. This does not mean that Outlook is free from any errors or bugs.  Just as problems are identified in software applications, Outlook also encounters some error messages or problems.
One of the features in Outlook is its ability to share folders so that you could view the shared calendars, email messages, notes, tasks and others and this is accessible only if you are using an organization shared mail service. If you wish to share all the above information, it is essential to give permission for accessing the same. If you have an Outlook tree added to the mailbox of Outlook user and if you receive ‘Microsoft Outlook is Unable to Expand the Folder message - Invalid XML’ message or some other error message while trying to open the mailbox that is shared, you need to follow the below mentioned instructions in order to get them fixed.
People contact Outlook Help and Support when they encounter the Invalid XML error message. Let us check the instructions given below.


  • You need to click on the Start button on your desktop and click on All Programs and select Microsoft Office and choose Microsoft Outlook.
  • When Outlook opens, you need to right click on Mailbox and then select the Properties menu.
  • In the Permissions tab, choose Folder Visible and click OK.
  • Now select Options that you find below Tools menu.
  • Now on the Delegates tab, select Add and select the individuals who could access the folder that is shared.
  • In the Delegates Permissions dialog box, select the permissions that you want to apply to the people who access the folder and click OK button.
  • Now double click on the mailbox or any other folder in the mailbox of the delegate to open.

These are the different steps that you need to follow for setting permissions for opening and accessing a folder in a network.

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