Monday, December 16, 2013

Repairing PST Files In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the personal manager program from the Redmond based software giant Microsoft. Outlook program is used by people all over the world for managing their email accounts effectively. The Outlook program stores personal data and emails in the program as PST files. PST stands for Personal Storage Table. The .pst format requires only little space for storing huge chunks of data so Outlook uses .pst extension to store its data. The PST files contain all the data stored in the Outlook like the calendar details, all you email contacts, inbox and outbox messages, personal folders etc.
However, one of the major problems associated with the Outlook program is the corruption of the Outlook PST files. Below we discuss how you can fix the corrupted PST files in Outlook with the help of the Outlook repair tool.


  • If you are currently running the Outlook client, close it and then visit the Microsoft site for Outlook for downloading the Inbox repair tool from Outlook. 
  • When the download completes, open the location where the downloaded file is stored and then click on the file to run it. 
  • When the Inbox repair tool window appears, click on the Browse button found in the application window for selecting the corrupted PST files in the Outlook program. After selecting the files, click on the Start button in the application window for starting the Outlook repair process. 
  • Even though the Inbox Repair tool was created for recovering corrupted Outlook files, the program will not be able to recover certain files that are deleted permanently or corrupted highly beyond repair. 
  • When the Outlook Inbox Repair Tool finishes the repairing of the corrupted Outlook files, launch the Outlook program by clicking on its icon found in the desktop for recovering the repaired Outlook PST files. 
  • You may also try recovering the repaired data from the backup folder without using the inbox repair tool. 

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to repair all the corrupted Outlook PST files in the Outlook program. The Inbox repair tool is now available as a default add-on in the Outlook program. It is stored in the Outlook program by the name Scanpst.exe and can be found in the Outlook folder. If you have any doubts related to the fixing of corrupt PST files, visit our Microsoft support post section.  

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